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Conveyor Full Line System
The subsystem series of current requirements for in-plant materials handling and provides complementary equipment at the focal points of material flow systems.

Regardless of the weight and length of the item being conveyed, the accumulation roller conveyor will stop the product in a defined position on the accumulating section by means of a non-contacting control. Changes of direction and other demanding handling tasks can be accomplished using subsystems, based on 24 V technologies.
areas of application: Distribution centers, warehouses, assembly lines, shipping, palletizing systems, mail and parcel sorting centers, mail-order companies, etc.
Suitable for handling: Pallets, skeleton containers, holders, baskets, work trays, cartons, boxes, parcels, totes, etc.
Weight of item: For Pallet Handling: Up to max. 2 tons With 24V Technology: max. 30 kg
Special features for Pallet Handling:
  • Low wear/noise
  • Precise manufacture/robust components
  • Utmost safety precautions
  • Simple installation
Special features with 24 V Technology:
  • Positive direct drive with 24 Volt DC drive motors
  • Optimized control via photocell
  • Low operating/maintenance costs
  • Silent / zero-pressure accumulation of items