Compact Mobile System

Manual Mobile Shelving
FH-A style manual mobile shelving use sprocket drive system.

The handle system is completely researched and designed by ourselves, it's a national technology patents.

Technical characteristics:
  • Drive lightly,
  • Move smoothly,
  • Less noise.

It’s widely used in library, archives, office, museum and so on.

Electric Mobile Shelving
  • Solid-state electronics , reliability and greater safety.
  • Advanced technology provides the functionality for better performance ease of use.
  • The control pad has been designed for easy installation.
  • Software is easy upgrading.
  • Programming flexibility.
  • Increased productivity and good reliability.
  • Mechanical handle is available for power failure.

Different & Similar Features
FH-V3 : the inner frame is the same as FH-A3. depth of the fixed units: 500mm.
Function: manual, electric, PC control
  1. You can operate directly in the color touch screen ,
  2. You can operate in your computer to control it.
Handle: The handle is removable , can be used when the electric power failure.

  • Electrical compact mobile system
  • Custom built raised floor for trolley push into system