Carousel Storage Machine
"Space Saving Solutions & Equipments"

Vertical Storage Systems
An evolution with strong roots
system consisting of two sides of racks where metal containers, served by a lift device, are located. It is the ideal solution for handling materials of every size, weight and dimensions.

Vertimag has a considerable vertical extension and is designed to have more than one workstation on the same machine.


The knowledge of users' needs makes it possible to propose the right solution.

Vertimag – 250 kg
Vertimag – 500 kg
Vertimag – 750 kg

Detail of the monitor on the articulated arm

Version with the second drawer in standby that allows the machine to increase performance

Compartmenting tray with boxes

Integration with anthropomorphic robot

Rotating Storage And Filing Systems
The evolution continues
Eurot is a filing system with rotary shelves for the storage of documents; it is the ideal solution to operate, in limited spaces and in ergonomics, when a quick file consultation is required.

The main feature of Eurot consists in providing the operator with the document requested, in the consultation area. The rotary shelves always follow the shortest path to reach the operator.

Space optimization

The possibility to arrange the shelves is large and complete for the most varied requirements.

Extractable drawers for hanging
folders with frontal visibility

Shelves for hanging folders
with side visibility

Shelves with boxes for cards

  • Vertical storage systems for components – doors, windows
    and curtains field
    Vertical storage system for small parts – machining field
  • Set of vertical storage systems for pharmacy –
    hospital field
    Particular of compartmenting tray for small parts –
    mechanics field
  • Vertical storage systems with double
    external bay – robotics field
    Particular of compartmenting tray for
    small parts –mechanics field
    Vertical storage system 15
    mts high – hotel field
  • Rotary filing system with boxes for
    personal data cards – public administration field
    Rotary filing systems equipped for
    ministerial folders – public administration field
  • Rotary storage systems with mixed shelves to store loose goods and dossiers – publishing field
  • Rotary storage system for automated hospital pharmacy
    – pharmaceutical field
    Rotary filing systems for hanging folders
    equipped with fire prevention system
  • Work islands with rotating storage systems
    for accessories and components – textile field
    Rotary storage system for the choking of rolls of cloth
    – textile field